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Dabney B. - Chicago, IL

I've been coming here for at least 5 years. I come twice annually and yesterday brought me back for my 6-mo check-up, although this time it was 8 months as a busy schedule forced me to cancel December and several follow-ups over the last 60 days.

Good news! Dr. Patel, a relatively new DDS that practices there a couple days a week told me I looked great. No cavities, no underlying issues, or investigative work I need to come back for. She just told me that I need to be more consistent flossing, which was sort of cheating because I told her that up front.

Also, I didn't have to bite down on the t-wing contraption that they jam in your mouth then down your throat from 8 different approaches to take x-rays. That my friends, is the most annoying part of a Dental visit, unless I just have a small mouth and you normal people out there have never noticed notice. Luckily, they only do that once a year, but the bad part is you never remember if you did it 6 months ago or not. I guess that means this visit is the fun one of the two, because I walk in expecting the worst but am pleasantly surprised upon learning I get to bypass it.

They also have two specialists there on a rotating fixed schedule. In short, this particular location is a Dental multi-center which handles your basic care, complex cases, as well as today's latest cosmetic procedures & invisalign to make you look like a movie star & take your game to the next level, if you have the pockets to do so.

I'm a boring patient, I don't get cavities, pain, my gums are solid and I have never had my teeth knocked out, but I did get them whitened here in 2006 and that was fun (sans the sensitivity that followed the next couple days). Love this place, and had I come here a kid I might be a Dentist today.

If anyone is looking for a Dentist office, I can tell you that this is THE place to go. The office is immaculate, to a person the staff is competent and super friendly. They communicate electronically and still give you a brand new toothbrush when you leave, just like we got as tykes. I always wondered why I didn't get a Snickers. Wouldn't that be more fun and a nicer reward for our mini accomplishment???

Thanks guys for another fantastic visit. You are truly in a league of your own! To those reading, come see for yourselves and thank me later.


Robyn S. - Chicago, IL

What exactly can I say about this office besides that they're absolutely fantastic. Everyone on the staff is warm, friendly & welcoming. You immediately feel comfortable as soon as you come in. As for the dentists, I was seen by Dr. Khaghani for my initial evaluation & Dr. Patel for my cleaning.

Dr. Khaghani was extremely patient with me, telling me what my treatment would be, step-by step, and asking along the way if I had any questions. Dr. Patel was very patient when doing my cleaning, asking if I needed any breaks or if I was doing okay every 5 minutes.

Please keep in mind that I'm writing this review just 2 1/2 hours after I had a tooth extracted, which was, for the most part, painless. This is one dentist office that you don't have to be scared of!


Veronica M. - Chicago, IL

I have been going here for the last two years, the service is great. I feel really comfortable with all dentists and assistants. I get all my questions well answered. highly recommend it.


Amanda D. - Chicago, IL

I haven't been to a dentist in about a year, but had to make an emergency appointment since I had a fractured tooth. I googled dentists in the Lincoln Park area and Dr. Khaghani had a website that convinced me she was very qualified. I had to get a root canal and a crown in the end. However, Dr. Khaghani did a great job of making the experience painless. This was my first root canal and crown and I recall the bad experience my mother had. I told her I was scared, but she calmed me and kept telling me that I was doing well throughout the procedures. I had no pain and no infection. She did a great job! My husband and I call her our dentist!

I also love the emails they send to thank me after a procedure and the reminder email of an upcoming appointment. This shows professionalism and a genuine care for their patients.


Madge S. - Chicago, IL

I have been going to Dr. Khaghani for over 10 years and I've had a lot of dental work done. Everything has been to my satisfaction and I totally trust her with my mouth (one of my larger investments at this point.) Although she and her staff are personable, professional and do a great job, I want to share that I also feel like they really care about me and treat me like family. Recently I called with a horrible tooth ache and they fit me in immediately, listened to me, showed compassion and charged me an EXTREMELY fair price since I am no longer covered by insurance. Dr. Khaghani then gave me a follow up plan and the staff gave me a follow up call to check in on me. Not all dentists are the same and I'm lucky to have found Dr. Khaghani!


Mandy C. - Chicago, IL

How funny... I came here to leave basically the EXACT same review as Amanda D and she beat me by just several hours!!!

That's just evidence of how great this dentist is.

I just want to reiterate: she is endlessly patient, compassionate, and encouraging. She really will tell you the ENTIRE time, "you're doing fantastic, doing great, wonderful..." So much so that you feel almost like you're the most fabulously talented dental patient she's ever had!

"Man, do I make helplessly lying here with my maw pried as hugely open as possible into an art form, or what?!?"

She's great about keeping your sensitivity in check and upping your anesthesia along the way if you feel ANYTHING at all.

You all should know, I was the biggest chicken you can imagine before I came here. I hadn't seen a dentist in, jesus, years and years and years due to lack of insurance. But she never chastised me or made me feel bad, or silly for being so nervous.

And after you see her, you'll never ever be frightened of the dentist again. No pain. No shame. No muss. No fuss.

Highly recommended!


Lys M. - Chicago, IL

I have historically been dentist aversive...going about once every 5 years or so. Dr. Khaghani and her staff have changed that.

They are incredibly kind, very well organized and Dr. Khaghani is very focused on the best possible care, while also allowing for financial considerations.

Their office is professional and really modern, without being stuffy, they use the latest and greatest state of the art equipment, and they are absolutely focused on YOU for the whole time you are with them. Dr. Khaghani's gentle questioning "You okay?" and reassurance "You're doing GREAT, hang in there," make all the difference when you are having extensive work done.

I have referred 5 people already, and will continue to refer anyone I know who says they need a dentist. The most telling thing of all is that I'm on a regular schedule of check ups and cleanings now, and I'll never go back to my 'old ways.'


Erin F. - Chicago, IL

I agree with everything Rachel W. has said. I have been going to Dr. Khaghani since about 1999. At the time, I had not been to the dentist in quite a while. I knew I probably had a few cavities...I picked a random dentist out of the phonebook and checked it out. The dentist wanted to fill my whole mouth (he said I had 9 cavities!!). I decided I needed a second opinion, so I went to Dr. K. on the recommendation of my sister. Dr. K. said I did have a few cavities, but certainly not 9! She's not all about filling every single tooth that looks like it might have a cavity some day.

There is a reason I have been going to Dr. K for over 8 years - - she's an excellent dentist, her staff is great, and I feel at home when I visit.


Rachel W. - Chicago, IL

I really like chocolate. And cake. And sugar in general.

My teeth? They do not like these things so much.

Needles scare me. They scare me so much that I avoided going to the dentist, even though I knew some major cavity activity was going on inside my mouth. Once my jaw finally felt like it was being pounded by a hammer, I decided to cave in and visit a dentist. Dr. Khaghani was recommended by a co-worker and I woefully made an appointment.

When I arrived, I was greeted by a friendly receptionist and dental assistant. They made me comfortable and set to work on my X-rays. The assistant was very kind and didn't seem to be bothered by the fact that I nearly threw up every time I opened my mouth.

Dr. Khaghani inspected my teeth and realized that the filling in my troublesome tooth had cracked and that a root canal would be needed. (Zero stars for my previous dentist!) Needless to say, I was terrified and my needle phobia became a realization. She was reassuring when I explained this to her. Anytime a needle was involved, she made sure I had my Ipod on and closed my eyes. I still don't like needles, but I'm no longer afraid of the dentist. I ended up visiting her a few times to correct the tooth and actually look forward to going back once I have dental insurance again.

Question: What kind of person actually looks forward to seeing the


Answer: A person with a caring, patient dentist like Dr. Khaghani!


I have dental insurance!! YAY! For the last few months, I've been visiting Dr. K at least once a month to attack my dental nightmare. I swear that just looking at sugar gives me cavities...

Through all of the fillings and drillings and novocaine shots, she has been an awesome dentist.


Shannon B. - Chicago, IL

I found Dr. Khaghani on Yelp and am now a true believer in both!

Let me thank the people who reviewed before me, you are so right, she rocks!

I called early one morning for a pretty severe toothache and was scheduled to see her that same morning. Dr. Khaghani was great, she didn't give me a guilt trip about the poor shape of my teeth and was sensitive to my dentist phobia. Her staff is also really nice and professional. She found the problem, gave me meds and squeezed me in for a crown by the end of the week.

I sit here, 4 days later, still numb from my crown procedure (she saved my tooth!), but so happy to be out of pain and to have found a dentist that really listens to you. I won't say that I am looking forward to the extraction that still needs to be done, but I won't be living in fear of it either.


Shannon B - Chicago, IL

Dr. Khaghani: The Best Dentist in the WORLD!

Ok, I just got home from a difficult extraction (my fault for fearing dentists for most of my life) and can say I did not feel any pain. It took longer than expected and was much more involved than we thought, but she was careful, patient and removed the tooth by sheer will!

The whole time she let me know what was going on, what to expect and how it was progressing. It made for a fairly stress free event.

I never thought I would get over my fear of dentists, but Dr. Khaghani makes me feel so comfortable that I really don't have much anxiety before appointments. I think a few more cleanings and I may have this thing licked!



Dr. Khaghani, I have to say I am very pleased with the dental treatment I received yesterday afternoon @ your office! I did not feel any pain before, during, or after my root canal. I felt even greater and much more full of energy later on that evening. The following morning I was also pain free, no swelling, and feeling great. Everyone of my fellow colleagues and co-workers, that are also health care providers, thought I looked great and were surprised with my confidence level. I seem to put a smile on everyone's face and compliment your great work and skill. Dr. Khaghani, I thank you....and will be sending you future clients. Your office and staff are exceptionally outstanding!


Lizzie C. - Chicago, IL

Dr. Khaghani is the best! I went to her for the first time about 6 months ago (after taking about 4 years off from dentist visits in college and during my first job--no dental) and, unsurprisingly, needed a lot of work done. She was thorough and kind throughout the process of checking my teeth and describing to me what needed to be done, and after the appt we set up a schedule to fix everything. I had a deep cleaning procedure done on my gums and had 6 fillings replaced, all spread over about 5 appointments. Each time, she was friendly, pleasant, and best of all, fast. For the fillings--two each time--I was in and out in about 45 minutes.

Also, her office is very comfortable--it's nice and open, so you don't feel like you're in a gloomy little office, and it's just a couple blocks from the red and brown line Fullerton stops.

Long story short, I highly recommend her! I sent a guy I work with to her last week (he had a huge cavity that I could see just from looking at his mouth) and he's been really happy with her so far too.


Heath B. - Chicago, IL

Dr Khaghani and her staff are the best in Chicago. I have NEVER had what I’d consider a good dental experience, so when my tooth got mad at me and required a root canal, I lived in a dark and dreary world for some time.

Immediately, the staff made me feel comfortable. They even paid my parking meter outside because I didn’t have the change to do it. After sitting in “The Chair” for a while, Dr. Khaghani got me another magazine based on what she had seen me reading earlier in the day.

She brought in a specialist, Dr. Wang, to perform my root canal. He got stuck in traffic on the way there, but called a few times to see if I needed anything. The procedure went flawlessly and quickly. Just as I like it. There wasn’t ANY pain afterwards.

If you want comfort, good service, and a wonderful, friendly environment, go to Dr. Khaghani. I know that dentists are not necessarily evil.


Jason C. - Chicago, IL

Dr. Khaghani is amazing! I went there today for a deep cleaning (I really, really needed it) and it went so well!

I’ve always been afraid of dentists but that has totally changed thanks to her. She takes the time to explain what needs to be done, then makes sure you’re doing fine during the whole process. And she’s really skilled - I barely felt a thing!

Never thought I’d say this, but my trip to the dentist was a really good experience! Can’t wait to go back….

Oh, one other note – Dr K’s staff is outstanding!!! They’re all quite pleasant, professional, and make you feel very welcome.


Jill M - Chicago, IL

All I can say about Dr. Khaghani is that she is 100% not scary. And all the equipment is modern and clean…if any of you are obsessive compulsive or germaphobic like me, then you should be fine.

And I know what's scary and not scary because my previous “dentist” I used to go to before was really scary and yucky, like it could be a scene from a sick B horror flick.


Chase T. - Chicago, IL

I just went to Dr. Khaghani today for a cleaning. I hadn’t had a cleaning in about a year and a half, so I was afraid. Let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was I cavity free, but the experience was very good. Dr. Khaghani personally did the cleaning, and the checkup was probably the best I’ve ever had.


Lily T. - Chicago, IL

Dr. Khaghani is the best dentist I’ve ever visited. I’m one of those scared to death of the dentist types, so I’ve put off getting checkups for far too long. I found Dr. Khaghani here on Yelp, and I must agree with all the other reviewers, she’s fantastic! First off, she and her staff are so welcoming. They are very gentle and kind. Dr. Khaghani asked me throughout the whole procedure if I was comfortable, or if I had pain, and to please let her know if she could make me feel at ease.

I’ve been to see her twice now, and I’m actually looking forward to my next appointment. I never ever thought I’d feel that way about a visit to the dentist.

Thanks to Dr. Khaghani, Sabina, Myrna, and all the others for the excellent service.


Chris A. - Chicago, IL

This place was great! I walked in on a Saturday morning to try to get a chipped tooth fixed over the weekend, and not only were they able to see me immediately, but they did a great job. You can’t even tell!

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